Magnificent Music with Tony Succar

Tony Succar is a young jazz player that is full of energy.He has decided to dedicate his life to creating and performing music. Tony was born in Peru, into a family of musicians who have undoubtedly influenced the formation of his musical abilities. Despite the fact that he’s young, he has already made a great contribution into the development of world music. The artist’s shows always attract lots of people who wish to enjoy his amazingly beautiful performance. Tony’s music does more than entertain. It fascinates listeners and makes them reappraise their values and realize that in life there is things much more important than materialistic gain. The musician himself always says that we do not have to worry about money and instead we should enjoy every minute of our life as long as we have the opportunity. This positive attitude emanates in his music.

Tony Succar fills his songs with philosophical purport. Tony’s music also calls upon people to dance while hearing his songs. Most fans cant help themselves. . . even the shyest of listeners. Tony Succar has a knack for drawing out emotion and enjoyment in all who have seen his gigs. It’s well-known that Tony Succar runs his own band that has been successfully playing music for quite some time. The young artist plays at different places; the most popular of them are Blue Martini (West Palm Beach), Caribbean Nights, Yuca Lounge, Legends Café, Ceviche Del Rey, Blue Martini (Boca Raton), Salsamor Dance Studious and other fantastic venues. He plays for people. That’s what he can do best in his life. And he’ll keep on playing to attract more and more listeners to his music.Tony Succar’sgigs are not just a pleasant night out but an experience. Check out his schedule and have a listen . . You will soon be a fan.