Party with Taverna Opa!

Taverna Opa is best known for its festive ambiance. Don’t be surprised if on any given night the staff is suddenly dancing on the bar while pouring drinks and encouraging the patrons to do the same!! You may even see a broken plate or two, a popular Greek party tradition, on the especially weekend nights. Because of this unadulterated invitation to let loose, it is a great place to celebrate events in your life like a birthday or anniversary, or maybe just a Friday or Saturday night . .  Here you can always have a good time while also having great Greek fare that is second to no other Greek restaurant in the area.

This Greek staple also offers their patrons great entertainment with disco, belly dancers, and live entertainment. With several locations around Florida, of course there is a Taverna Opa restaurant that is near you! Check out locations in Hollywood, Dolphin Mall, South Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach.  This Restaurant’s family style menu and its dishes are guaranteed to please. Where else can you eat, dance, laugh and simply enjoy life? Taverna Opa!