Dada Restaurant

Located in Delray Beach, Dada restaurant is considered perhaps one of the most eclectic places to dine, drink or enjoy live music in Delray.  Set in an antique house erected in 1924, Dada surprises all of its guests with its eccentric, comfortable and unique atmosphere. Dada is a favorite among local artists, bohemians and poets. On any given night you will find locals sitting on Dada’s couches sipping cocktails or coffee and taking in Dada’s carefully selected Indie-style artists.

There is something for everyone at Dada each night of the week offering its guests open-mic nights, unforgettable fashion shows and a good mix of various styles of music. Dada’s entertainment can be enjoyed either indoors or on the outside patio, where you may even find glow in the dark hula hoop performers dancing behind acoustic artists, rock and roll or authentic Indian music.

The music is not the only draw to Dada. The restaurant’s menu is gourmet and as inventive as the selection of performers. Dada is a restaurant where food, drink, music and art are perfectly combined at the same fabulous place. .  You must come and see for yourself. Dada’s concept focuses largely on a dining experience unlike other restaurants that merely serve food. Dada serves drinks, food and fun!